Alamir Group for Manufacturing and Preparing Agro Products
Is One Of The largest Basis In North Egypt, Specializing In Various Kinds of Dried Agricultural Crops,
Herbs and Foodstuff since the End Of Lasted Quarter-century.
The company Owns Tow Sites, One of Them
Has Factory for Split Lentils, Besides Some Production Lines and Machineries, the Another Site Has Group of Factories for All Kind of Legumes Such As Broad Beans, White Beans
Split Peas, Peanut…Etc.
All Type of Chickpeas, Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds…Etc. Also Have Some Processing Lines for Herbs like Caraway Seeds, We Are Distinguished Member In Some Of Official Organizations Like: The International Modernization Center (IMC) Federation of Egyptian Chambers Of Commerce. Agricultural Export Council (AEC). Chamber Of Cereals Industry. Our Main Aim Is Trying Our Best To Reach Every Market All Over The World And Earn The Trust And Satisfaction Of Each One OF Our Clintes.
All Factories Are Supported By Most And Latest Technological Machines And Trained Staff With The Best International Courses In Mechanical Engineering, Hygiene And Occupational Health And Safety, To Make Sure From Our Quality To Meet International Standard And Our Clients Satisfaction. Our Main Products and Specialization in White Beans All Types OF Broad Beans (Whole – Split), Red Split Lentils, Peanuts (In Shell – Without Shell), Golden Sesame Seeds. All Types of Peas (Whole-Split)

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